Corkscrew on 5th

Thirsty Thursday is here, but has taken a different meaning than it did 5 years ago. These days, after a long work week, I crave a relaxing date night that involves some good food and a nice large glass of red wine!

Corkscrew on 5th Coffee & Wine Bar, located on the first floor of the Vue in the heart of Uptown, is the perfect place to do that with wine tastings every Thursday night from 7-9. The tastings consist of 4 varietals, with a different region in focus each week. Last week, we got to experience Tour de France: Part 2 and my favorite was of course the last and most expensive red by the bottle, but it only costs $10 to taste all 4!

We got the Chef’s Tasting Board charcuterie platter to nibble on during our wine tasting and the 1st Ward Flatbread with sundried tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, grated parmesan and balsamic drizzle (it was gone in seconds). You can find a lot more on the full menu and finish off your meal with hand-made chocolate truffles.

Corkscrew currently has 42 wines by the glass, 389 wines by the bottle and 30 beers on rotation. The selection is incredible and rotates seasonally. The space is filled with with comfy lounge furniture, small tables and of course a great bar.


On any given night, you can look around and find local couples on date night, friends getting together to celebrate a girl’s night out, or a businessman who is just in Charlotte for the night and needs to un(wine)d.

Fun Facts:

  • The Coffee Bar side is available to rent out for private parties, I went to a fun chic masquerade themed birthday party there last summer.
  • Corkscrew has a second location in Birkdale.

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